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Sometimes you just don't want to get up in the morning. But what if, one day, getting to work on time became a life or death situation?

Find out how that came to be in Running Late, a short collection of simple minigames that tell a story about one man's desperate attempt to get to work on time. And what happens when they finally get there...

As this game was created for LowRezJam, it isn't  perfect. If you are using an Xbox game pad, the buttons will be shown appropriately. If you are using a keyboard, most navigation will be with the arrow keys, and the following keys match gamepad button prompts:
Key C = Xbox A
Key X = Xbox B
Key Z = Xbox X

Please enjoy, and I'm completely open to feedback if you have any!

Install instructions

Simply download the zip and run the game .exe to play.


Running Late - LowRezJam2019.zip 51 MB

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